​​Sal is also the author of the “Something From Nothing” local history column which has appeared monthly in The Valley Springs News since 2006, and which has been compiled in five magazine-style compilations to date.     In addition, he is the Founder and President of the Society for the Preservation of West Calaveras History, Inc., a nonprofit charitable trust dedicated to education about local history.

How Sal came to Calaveras:

"After many years in Los Angeles, it was time to move out of the city and into the country.  I was established enough, and technology had progressed enough, that I no longer had to be based in any big city.  As long as I had internet access and a FedEx truck could drive up a dirt road, I could base myself anywhere—even little ol' Burson."

A book Sal feels everyone should read is “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman… "the smartest, funniest, most powerful fairy tale ever written."

Sal's thoughts on libraries:​​

Libraries are more than simply a repository of knowledge.  These days that knowledge can be found online.  In many ways, a library is like a church--a place that is quiet and peaceful, a place where voices can be heard that speak only to you, a place where you can access and connect with knowledge in a way of your own choosing.  You can find knowledge online but you can find wisdom in a library. 

Sal's books can be found on amazon.com

A few of Sal's favorite (local) things:​​

Festival or Event - St Patrick's Day/Murphys Irish Day

Historic Figure - Mark Twain

Tourist Attraction - Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Food & Drink - Valley Springs Mexican Food Truck

Museum or Gallery - Haggin Museum, in Stockton

"The King of Sting" was ranked #1 in Crime Biographies, and Top 5 in True Crime on amazon.com for many weeks, earning high praise as a "high-flying, adrenaline-filled story" (American Library Association) and "boisterous but strangely captivating" (Publishers Weekly).

Featured Local Author:

Salvatore (Sal) Manna

Publications that have presented Sal's writing include: Playboy, People, Time, Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald, San Jose Mercury-News, Billboard, Newsday, Los Angeles Magazine, Los Angeles Reader, Oui, Omni, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, L.A. Weekly, Trouser Press, and The Valley Springs News.

His articles are also included in the books “Conversations With Maya Angelou” (University Press of Mississippi, 1989) and “Titanic: 100 Years Later” (Los Angeles Times Books, 2012).

"Dyn-O-Mite!" was called “a fast, funny and informative stand-up routine/memoir from one of the major comic stars of the 1970s” (Kirkus Reviews); the memoir “paints a revealing self-portrait that also depicts the changing times of a socially charged era…It’s a dyn-o-mite read” (American Profile).

There is no ideal setting in which Sal prefers to write: "it is always just the writer and the word.  Everything else is a distraction."  

How Sal became an author:

I have been a professional writer since I was 13 years old.  I graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and began writing for newspapers and magazines.  Eventually, one of the crime stories I wrote about evolved into my first book, “The King of Sting.” 

Sal has co-authored a number of titles, including:

  • The King of Sting: The Amazing True Story of a Modern American Outlaw, by Craig Glazer and Sal Manna (Skyhorse, 2008)
  • Dyn-O-Mite! : Good Times, Bad Times, Our Times, by Jimmie Walker and Sal Manna (DaCapo/Perseus Books, 2012)
  • Northern Calaveras County, by Judith Marvin, Julia Costello, and Sal Manna (Arcadia, 2007)
  • Angels Camp and Copperopolis, by Judith Marvin, Julia Costello, and Sal Manna (Arcadia, 2009)
  • Olives in California's Gold Country, by Sal Manna and Terry Beaudoin (Arcadia, 2014)

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