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A few of Glenn's favorite (local) things:

  • Historic Figure: Black Bart
  • Museum or Gallery: Ironstone Winery 

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San Andreas Home

Glenn has been impersonating the West's most infamous bandit since the 1980s. He's performed at fundraisers, schools, and private events from California to Chicago.

Glenn moved to San Andreas in 1980 and took up writing. He was particularly attracted to Gold Rush history and scenery. Favorite settings include Licking Fork, old mines, and Calaveras Big Trees.

He is the author of two books:

'Tales Mark Twain Would Have Loved to Steal' and 'Too Much to Swallow: the Gold Gastrolith of Calaveras County and selected works by Glenn Wasson.'

He has also been published in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, Stars and Stripes, Rock and Gem Magazine (as editor), Stockton Record, Country Magazine, and many more.

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Glenn was born in Onslow, Iowa, and grew up on a farm during the Great Depression. After graduating high school, he worked for four years on the family farm while saving money for college. He enrolled at Northwestern University at age 22, majoring in journalism.

He also enrolled in the ROTC as an aviation cadet, and decided to enlist in the US Navy. However, due to his journalism experience, the Air Force paid his way to Stanford University to gain skills necessary to be a writer for the Air Force.

After receiving his college education (he holds a graduate degree from Stanford), he returned to the navigation program, and was shipped off to Korea, where he flew 50 interdiction missions as a navigator. After his tour, he attended training to become a pilot.

At age 40, he was sent to Vietnam and assigned to fly in and out of hot spots as a forward air controller. In his 30-year career, Glenn flew more than 300 combat missions in Korea, Vietnam and Laos.

Portrait of Glenn as Black Bart, by Susan Hoffmann

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Featured Local Author:

Glenn Wasson

Glenn says everybody should read "Roughing It," by Mark Twain.

At Gardens of Alhambra

Glenn has received many favorable comments on his work, such as:

"I was in need of a lift and this book was the magic cure. Your books are never too much to swallow."   - Lucy Thein (Calaveras Supervisor)

"Wasson is a marvelous storyteller...a marvelous entertaining book."   - Bob Jones (Senior Editor, Rock & Gem Magazine)

"The author peddles a rough and tumble kind of humor that remains as popular now as it was in the distant days of your."   - Scott Anderson (Columnist, Amador Ledger Dispatch)