Antoinette is the author of a number of books, including 'The Determined Heart'; 'Pilate's Wife'; and 'The Sacred Heart.' She has been published by Harper Collins, Penguin Books, and Amazon.​ You can find more about her work at

Featured Local Author:

Antoinette May

How Antoinette came to Calaveras:

I came to Calavaras from Palo Alto because I met a mountain man, and fell in love with him. Mokelumne Hill was a compromise but now we love it here.

A few of Antoinette's favorite (local) things:​​

Festival or Event - The Gold Rush Writers Conference

Historic Figure - Bret Harte

Tourist Attraction - Roaring Camp
​ (Felton, CA)

Atoinette is also a founder of the annual Gold Rush Writers Conference in Mokelumne Hill. She writes every day in a small, terribly cluttered office. She cannot recommend a single book everyone should read - there are too many! Her thoughts on libraries: "I was very poor as a child.  The library and librarians were everything to me."

One of the most memorable reactions she received to her work was when a group of Stanford athletes had to read something as an assignment, and their professor gave them some pages (about a gladiator fight) from "Pilate's Wife." Their comments were along the lines of, "Boy, this guy can really write a fight scene!"

It was not an easy scene for her to write, so she was very pleased.

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How Antoinette became an author:

I think I was always an "author" - when I was five I told stories to my mother and she wrote them down.  I was editor of the school paper in high school and wrote columns for the San Diego Union.  When I graduated they hired me as a cub reporter.  Later, at other papers, I became feature editor and then managing editor.

After awhile I saved up enough money to take a trip around the world.  I was gone six months.  I had a small amount of money left and decided to freelance.  I was very lucky and was able to support myself.  At the end of the year I had a small book contract.

At first I wrote biographies.  I am most proud of "Witness to War" (about the war correspondent, Maggie Higgins), but was on the New York Times list for 44 weeks with "Adventures of a Psychic."

For the past ten years I've been writing fiction, historical novels.