In 2001 Crystal and her husband were looking for a vacation home “in the trees.” A friend recommended they check out Murphys. They contacted a realtor, packed a lunch, and headed up from the bay area. They ate lunch in Murphys Community Park, and as soon as Crystal saw the creek and the library she knew that all they needed was to find a house - which they did, in Forest Meadows. They spent vacations and days off in Murphys for two years, and with each visit it was more and more difficult to return to the peninsula. In 2003 they moved full time and it has been wonderful. One of the first things Crystal did was to volunteer at Murphys Library and at Big Trees State Park. Then she got involved in a hiking group. And started kayaking... She feels that this is the best possible place to live and is honored to be part of the library. Crystal has no favorite book, but many favorite authors - including Johnson, Box, Perry, Winspear, DeMille, Francis, Krueger, and Flynn. Just to mention a few.

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A long long time ago on a dark and stormy night Kristine was born! Actually, it might have been a nice day. Growing up in Oakland, CA provided opportunities for little Kristy to ride her bike to the local brick and ivy covered library near her house. She loved exploring the card catalog and her fascination and love of books has never ended. After graduating and receiving her teaching credential from Sonoma State University she attempted to find a job in the teaching field which was very difficult at the time because of an overabundance of teachers. So she took a break and had two children - some break! Realizing her life was not complete she accepted a job in 1984 at an elementary school teaching in a very small (8 Apple IIe) computer lab. It wasn't easy because she didn't have a computer (they were still fairly new) but she struggled through and taught herself and took several classes. Seventeen years later after helping the lab grow to 32 networked Macintosh computers she finally graduated from elementary and moved to a high school to become the Library Media Teacher. She received her Masters in Library and Information Technology from San Jose State University and after 8 years of working in the library retired to beautiful Murphys. Again she found her life not complete and volunteered for over 2 years at the San Andreas library until accepting the  position here at the Murphys Library. Happily married to her sweetheart she loves her job but hopes to travel to exotic places in the future.

Christine Hall - Volunteer Staff

"Books, libraries, and volunteering are a good combination as reading and promoting lifelong learning have long been a part of my life.

2017 is my 11th year as a Murphys Library volunteer... sorting and processing donated books. I look forward to each visit and enjoy the environment and camaraderie with library personnel and other volunteers." 

Kristine (Kris) Loving - Your Librarian

Gerry Holmes - Volunteer Staff
Crystal LeClercq - Volunteer Staff

Christine and her husband Mark moved to Murphys ten years ago as of June 2016…hard to believe it’s already been ten years!  In 2006 she retired from the Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District, and Mark retired from the City of Manteca in January of 2014. Many years ago they set a goal to move to the mountains when they retired and selected the town of Murphys because they felt a “sense” of community here.  Murphys is also the perfect location to enjoy some of their favorite activities…hiking, kayaking, swimming, camping, and puttering in the yard. They both enjoy working in the “hut” and hanging out with friends during the annual Music in the Park concerts at Murphys Park.  Over the past ten years they’ve developed a rich social life in Murphys, and it is important to both of them to actively contribute to their community.  An avid reader since she was old enough to hold a book, Christine was thrilled when she was selected as a volunteer for the Murphys library. Christine is a huge fantasy/science fiction fan so she’d have to say one of her favorite books is "A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L’Engle.  Fiber Arts are also an important part of Christine’s day-to-day activities; and over the past nine years she has been an active member of the Mother Lode Weavers & Spinners Guild based in Columbia, CA. They are also excited that Mark joined the board of directors for the Murphys Community Club. 

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